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Welcome to CWO Michael Hardings U.S. Coast Guard History & Career Pages

Multi-Media Files

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CWO Michael Harding USCG Helicopter 6525 Salvage
CWO Michael Harding USCG Helicopter In Flight Refueling [HIFER]
Semper Paratus Music File
Pilots Packing Weapons in Cockpit
Genuine USAF AC130 Gunship Mission over Afghanistan( Not for the Squeamish)
Actual Firing of Phalanx Close In Weapons System (CIWS)
Helicopter Crash
Three Doors Down Coast Guard Video
F14 Breaking Sound Barrier
Things to Watch out For Around the Airport
Anchors Away!
AC130 Gunship Mission Short Clip
Ultra Cool Virtual Coast Guard Video
V22 Crash
Drug Bust
Welcome To U.S. Coast Guard Air Station San Francisco
Attack on the World Trade Center
Why Did They Hide The Enemy Foxbat
How Are They Sleeping in Iraq
CWO Michael Harding Salvage of USCG Helicopter 6571
Bomb Saddam Music Video (large file 34MB but worth the time to download)
Die Terrorists Die Music Video
High Resolution Photos of Coast Guard Helicopters Patrolling San Francisco
Mountain Climbers Falling Very Hard
Classic of Man Fighting Bear for Salmon
47 Foot Motor Life Boat in Surf
New Coastal Patrol Craft
HH60 Helicopter Vertical Replenishment VERTREP
The Coast Guard in World War II
Close In Weapons System CIWS Phalanx Firing
Helicopter Towing Boat Pays Price
The History of The Coast Guard in Film
Helicopter Performing Tall Construction
Navy Captain Lets Everyone Know Who is in Charge
HH65-Sling OPS
Sail The USCG Barque EAGLE
When I look to the Sky
These Guys Can't be Distracted While Fishing
I Just Had to Add This Video of White Guys Can Dance...Too Funny
The Iceman The Later Years SNL Spoof...Very Funny... This file is in Real Media Player format

Don't try This at Home...Human Target Practice with Fireworks
I Gotta Have More Cow Bell Baby!...This is a classic SNL Skit
Funny animal pictures- don't know why I put it here!

 Busting Bad Boys (30mb)
Free Play (.5mb)
Motivation (7mb)
Absolute Action (18mb)
The Coast Guard in Hollywood (37mb)
Station Honolulu KHET-11 (10mb)
Heroes of Flotilla 4-10 (12mb)
Feel the Coast Guard (8.25mb)
USCGA Promotional Video (8.4mb)
July 4th (50mb)
Watch This Guy Juggle...Simply Amazing (Click on Must-See Finale)
Gulf Coast Guardians