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RECRUITS WILL ONLY HAVE FIVE DAYS OF LEAVE AFTER THEY GRADUATE!  Leave will begin the day after graduation.

Everything you need to know about Coast Guard Recruit Training can be found in the HELMSMAN.

Can recruits in training receive and send mail?
Yes, letters are welcome but "care packages" (food, books, magazines) are not. The mailing address is:

Recruit Company ____________ (assigned upon arrival)
Munro / Healy / James Hall (assigned upon arrival)
USCG Training Center
1 Munro Avenue
Cape May, NJ 08204-5083

Mail is delivered to Training Center Cape May Monday through Friday, but due to the volume of mail, it may take an extra day to reach the addressee.

How do I find out the company and hall



Graduation Date



04 DEC  09



11 DEC  09



18 DEC  09



22 DEC  09  Tuesday



08 JAN  2010



22 JAN  2010

Why isn't my recruit receiving mail
Mail is delivered to the member Monday – Friday. We do not pick up mail on weekends or on Federal holidays.

We understand the importance of mail, and we do everything possible to get it to them in a timely fashion.

Can recruits make and receive telephone calls?
Phone calls are not permitted unless it is an EMERGENCY. In the later weeks of training (weeks 4 or 5), at the discretion of the Company Commander, recruits may be allowed to use payphones. Upon arriving at the USO in Philadelphia Airport recruits are reminded to call their loved ones to let them know they arrived safely. In fact there is a sign that reads "USCG RECRUITS, it is advisable to call home from here, as you may not have time until week five of Basic Training. Your loved ones need to know how your flight was and that you have arrived in Philadelphia." Once at the Training Center, the Coast Guard will account for each recruit on the shipping report. A letter from the commanding officer is sent home by each recruit within the first few days of entering recruit training.  

no news is good news! A recruit will call home for one of the following reasons: Recruit has received orders to his/her first unit; Recruit is being sent back into another company; Recruit is being discharged; or Recruit has a medical issue.

How can I reach a recruit in case of a family emergency?
The American Red Cross relays emergency messages and information to U.S. military personnel worldwide, including to ships at sea. If there is a family emergency, you should contact your local Red Cross office. 

Do recruits get time off during training?
Recruit Training is a highly structured program, even scheduled time off is regulated. Recruits are allowed to attend church services and in the later weeks of training may be given limited on-base or in-town liberty (free time). 

Are recruits paid while in training?
Yes, as members of the U.S. Armed Forces, recruits are given a salary (base pay) and allowances depending on their marital or family status. All pay is automatically deposited in a checking or savings account designated by the recruit.

Cash can be obtained from an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM), therefore it is important that every potential recruit establish an account and obtain an ATM card before coming to Cape May.

My family member departed Cape May and I want to know how he/she is doing.     
Your recruit will be permitted to write letters home when their schedule permits, mostly on Sundays, and will receive phone privileges after their fifth week of training.   If for any reason a recruit is moved to another company or is being discharged, the recruit will be allowed to make a phone call home to discuss their situation. 

No news is good news. We understand that parents are concerned about their children, but we request that they not call to get updates. If a family has an emergency they need to contact the Red Cross.

I want to attend the graduation, where is the nearest airport?
We recommend that parents fly into Philadelphia International Airport, which is approximately two hours from Coast Guard Training Center Cape May.

Click here for directions
: Driving Directions

My recruit called me and asked me to purchase plane tickets for him/her to come home on leave at the conclusion of boot camp.
We highly recommend that recruits work with the SATO travel agent that is located here at the training center to get home and to their new unit. 

Since the recruit has limited phone privileges and time, it’s easier on all parties if the recruit works directly with the SATO travel agent.

However, family members who are attending the graduation and have already purchased tickets can send their recruit the information by mail. The recruit can then work with the travel agent to get on the same flight, if it is available.

My family and I can’t attend the graduation. How will my recruit get to the airport once he/she graduates?
A bus picks up the new graduates on Friday at 1 p.m., and drops them off at the Philadelphia International Airport.  

I want to make travel arrangements, and I want to confirm that my recruit is going to graduate on time
We do not guarantee when a recruit is going to graduate because unforeseen incidents may occur. We highly recommend that family members wait until they hear from their recruit at the end of week five. The recruit is going to be able to tell the family if they’re passing their academic and physical fitness requirements and if they’re doing well in their company.

I’m in the military, and I want to present the graduation certificate to my recruit.
Members in all uniformed services can present the graduation certificate to their loved one as long as they present the certificate in uniform. The company commanders will ask the recruits if they have someone in uniform that would like to present the certificate, and if the answer is yes, the company commanders will add the name to the graduation script. 

The graduation uniform from 01 April - 31 October is Tropical Blue Long with Combination Cover. (For non-USCG personnel, the equivalent is: short-sleeve shirt with nametag, ribbons and cover). 

The graduation uniform for 01 November - 31 March is Service Dress Bravos with Combination Cover.  (For non-USCG personnel, the equivalent is: button-down jacket with nametag, ribbons, shirt, tie and cover).

All members who are presenting a certificate must check  at 0930 in the foyer of Ida Lewis Auditorium before the parents brief begins.

I was discharged from the Coast Guard and I have not received my last paycheck.
Please contact the Coast Guard Personnel Service Center at (785) 339-2200 and ask for the Separations Department. 

My recruit contacted me and has informed me that he/she is being discharged and I want to know why
Due to the Privacy Act of 1974, we can not give out personal information about the recruit or their situation. In most cases, we have the recruit contact the loved one directly to explain his/her situation.

My recruit has a medical issue and I want to discuss it with someone.
Again, due to the Privacy Act of 1974, we can not give out personal information about a recruit. The recruit will make contact with family members to discuss situation.

My son didn't call home, he called his girlfriend and told her he was getting discharged. Is he required to call us?
Recruits decide who they want to call, we don't require them to call a specific person.

My daughter hasn't called to let us know what flight she's coming home on, who can I call for this information?
Every recruit is given the opportunity to call their loved ones to let them know when they're coming home.

We do not have people on staff that will call parent's to provide flight information, it's the responsibility of the recruit.

I didn't get a chance to buy a video of my daughter's graduation ceremony. Who do I call?
You can contact VTS Productions at (609) 645-1660.

I'm a military member and need the phone number for the Coast Guard Exchange?
The number for the Coast Guard Exchange is (609) 898-6346.

Do you have temporary quarters or lodging for military members attending graduation?
Yes we do, please email our MWR representative at


I'm interested in joining the Coast Guard, who do I contact?

Please visit

For more frequently asked questions, check out the Go Coast Guard FAQ Site.

Yes, on the Coast Guard recruiting Web site there is a section for parents, please click here.

Yes, please visit or click here.

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